3024 Compact Ionising Bars

World’s smallest 100% coverage 24VDC static eliminator bar with built-in electronics.

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The 3024 Compact 24V DC short-range static eliminator bar meets the requirements of high-performance machinery where space is constrained.

It is the only bar available at this scale (June 2019) with built-in electronics and delivers powerful static elimination at close range to a substrate or other material. The 3024 Compact delivers up to 7.5kV integrated in the bar and is ideal for fast moving materials at speeds up to 1300m/min. Its flexibility makes it suitable for most industrial processes, including pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, and it is particularly well suited to web and sheet applications where space is limited.

A choice of 150mm or 200mm lengths
Optimum operating distance of 20mm to 50mm and maximum 150mm
100% coverage. Effective length = Overall length. No dead zone
Shockless, resistively coupled tungsten emitters for unlimited life
Suitable for material speeds up to 1300m/min
LED status indication: Bar OK (green), fault (red)
Remote monitoring of operational status
Standard M8 4-pin connector
Protected against undervoltage, overload and reverse polarity
An air boost bar option is also available

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