D-GF 150-MB Burner Control

Self-monitoring and fail-safe burner control for gas and oil burners, with display

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Self-monitoring and fail-safe burner control with integrated display, for the control of gas and oil burners as well as combined gas/oil burners of any capacit.

Generally used fuel types and burners require certain synchronised program cycles and safety times for burner start-up which are controlled and monitored electronically with the burner control.

  • Controling and monitoring of gas and oil burners of any capacity
  • Suitable for intermittent operation, continuous operation and 72-hour operation according to TRD 604
  • Integrated gas valve monitoring system
  • Separate outputs for control of gas and oil fuel valves
  • Quick fuel change “on the fly” without burner shut down
  • Adjustable pre-purge timer
  • Integrated flame monitor
  • Input for external flame monitor
  • Integrated display (text display of status, program step and errors)
  • Direct Modbus communication port (directly on front of device) 


Chemical industry
Cement plants
Waste incinerators
Steam generators
Heating plants

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