Z 726 K Burner Control

Self-monitoring and fail-safe burner control for integration into Hegwein burners and igniters

  • YES

Controlling and monitoring of gas and oil burners/gas and oil fired igniters of any capacity
Suitable for intermittent operation (Z 726 K2...) and continuous operation (Z 726 K3..., Z 726 KH..., Z 726 KE...)

Optional pre-purge of the combustion chamber with changeable pre-purge time and air pressure check
Optional changeable safety times
Optional input for external flame monitor
Optional re-cycling after flame loss in operating position

For Z 726 KH... und Z 726 KE...: Bargraph display and config-switch
For Z 726 KE...: Complete function range with 16-pin plug connector for not safety-related 4 - 20 mA output signal

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