LED Signal light AR-047

Omnidirectional LED signallight with AISI 316 housing, impact resistant window and molded electronics.

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ARTIDOR's omnidirectional explosion-safe LED signal light is designed for use under the most demanding conditions. The robust stainless steel housing and top plate, the 20 mm thick impact-resistant window, the O-ring seal and cast electronics ensure that the lamp is completely impervious to water and salt.

The 24 latest generation LEDs ensure a clearly perceptible visual signal. The signal light can be ordered either with a radial cable connection or with a connection on the back of the lamp. This makes the lamp highly suitable for use as a warning light on control cabinets.

The connection cable has a standard length of 5 meters. For application under less demanding conditions there is also a version available with an anodized aluminum housing.

The ARTIDOR LED signal light is explosion-safe and certified in accordance with European Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114) and is CE marked.

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