2050 Ionised Air Blower

High performance Ionised Air Blower with integrated power unit for electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and RFID industries

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High specification Ionised Air Blower with integrated power unit and controls.

High performance to meet the demanding requirements in the electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and RFID industries.  High Performance with excellent electrical balance (+/- 30V is standard for this model)  Visible alarm if there is non-function of the unit  LEDs showing operational condition: green = ok, red = fault  Portable and easy to install with adjustable stand for mounting versatility  Long life tungsten emitters. Replaceable if damaged  Adjustable airflow up to 170m3/hr (100cfm)  High performance axial fan, ball bearing, with life expectancy of 120,000 hours at 40ø

Available in three multifan versions:  2052 - 510mm long with two fans  2053 - 780mm long with three fans  2054 - 1050 mm long with four fans

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