5500 Ionised Airknife

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High performance fan-driven Ionised Airknives for static neutralisation and cleaning of mouldings, glass, automobiles and other large objects.

The blower produces a high volume of air which exits from the airknife in a fast laminar flow. Fraser design and supply 5500 Ionised Airknife Systems to meet the most demanding applications.  The system consists of one or more ionised airknives connected to an external blower  Static neutralisation power up to 50% better than competitive systems to break the electrostatic bond between the dust and surface and to prevent re-attraction of dust  Air cleaning speed of 110m/sec at the slot of the airknife for thorough and powerful cleaning.  Longer range cleaning power than compressed air systems  More performance per kilowatt of power. For example, competitors offer 7.5kW motors to match the performance of our 5.5kW motors saving the customer money every minute of operation  Cost saving of up to 70% compared to other systems

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