Ring shaped ioniser

Internal static neutralisation on pneumatic conveying systems

  • YES

The 3024 DC Ring Ioniser delivers static neutralisation of material flowing through conveying systems.
It is a ring-shaped static eliminator designed for machinery manufacturers and suppliers of pneumatic conveying systems, and can also be retrofitted to existing machinery.

The 3024 DC Ring Ioniser utilises 24 VDC powered electronics via a separate power pack to provide 100% ionisation coverage.
It also features an air assistance capability to support the agitation of material for optimum ionisation results.

Fits standard 200mm Jacob tube
100% ionisation coverage
Shockless, resistively-coupled stainless emitters
LED status indication on power unit: green = bar ok, red = fault
24 V DC supply with 11kV HV via supplied power unit
90 to 250 V AC power supply option
8mm pushfit air fitting

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