XIFOS 33 Ionising Bar

Ionising bars with bujilt-in polarity sensing.

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The intelligent XIFOS 33 static eliminator delivers adaptive ionisation power for long-range applications. The bar provides industry-leading pulsed-DC technology with built-in field polarity sensing. XIFOS intelligence significantly increases the neutralisation power of the bar by optimising the output to remove the static charge. Neutralisation range is from 250 mm to 1,500+ mm with 33 kV output from low voltage 24 V DC supply.

athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.giShockless, replaceable tungsten emitters for long life
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi5 bi-colour LEDs for status indication:
Flashing green at frequency of operation: bar OK
Scrolling green: - or + intelligence in operation, bar OK
Flashing red: standby mode
Alternate red/green: bar needs attention/cleaning
Solid red: fault
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.giRemote monitoring compatible with IEC 61131-2 ‘Type 1, 2 and 3’ PLC inputs
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi100% coverage., effective length = overall length, no dead zone
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.giSimple tool-free, on-bar adjustment for process optimisation
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.giBackwards compatible with the NEOS 30 static eliminator

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