740 Surface Resistivity Checker

Measures surface resistivity and resistance to ground

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The 740 Surface Resistance Checker is a pocket-sized instrument providing fast and repeatable measurements of conductive, static dissipative and insulative surfaces. The 740 measures both surface resistivity and resistance to ground.
It uses the ASTM Standard D257 method of parallel bar sensing
For surface resistance, place the 740 on the flat surface to be measured, press the button and hold. The LED that illuminates is the decade measured in ohms/square
For resistance to ground measurement, insert the ground, cord connector into the metal socket on the right hand side of the body. Then connect the crocodile clip to earth and place the 740 on the surface to be tested. Press the button the reading is resistance to ground in Ohms
Automatic ranging
Supplied with carrying case, battery and earth lead
CE Certified

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