801 Anti-Static Tinsel

A traditional and effective method to remove static electricity

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801 Anti-Static Tinsel offers an effective solution to many static problems where electrical static eliminators cannot be justified.

Anti-Static Tinsel is a passive static eliminator which operates by concentrating the electric field to ionise the air.

801 Tinsel reduces high charges to a low level and can cope with fast speeds. A 90% reduction in charge is typical in many applications. It is particularly suited to web applications like film winders and unwinders where the web path changes.

athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Available in boxes of 22m and 110m
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  99% pure copper
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  32mm Diameter, with multiple copper wire core to ensure positive grounding and strength
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Breaking strain +/- 10kg

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