Personnel Grounding Strap

Solution for static grounding of persons in situations where shoes or floors prevent this.

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Due to circumstances, it can be possible that operators don't have the possibility to get rid of static electricity that accumulates on their body.

If the operating requirements of certain processes cause the loss of direct contact between the operator’s static dissipative safety shoes and the static dissipative flooring of the plant, the VESX45/PGS can ensure the operator is bonded to the equipment or directly earthed via a grounding strip.

To ensure static cannot accumulate on the operator, by fastening the earthing strap to their wrist, any charge generated by their movement can be dissipated to earth by direct contact to a verified earth connection.

People can generate large amounts of static charge through their own movement if they are not earthed. As much as 30.000 volts can be carried by people, who are completely unaware that they themselves are the potential source for an electrostatic spark discharge that could ignite a explosive and/or flammable atmosphere.

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