ATEX/FM approved compact static grounding reels, hand wound

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The Hand-wound stainless steel reel can be mounted in process areas that have strict non-contamination or corrosion resistant requirements. The reel includes stainless steel static grounding clamps and stainless steel cable.

The reel is supplied with super flexible stainless steel multi-stranded cable and can also be specified with a see-through flexible nylon coating. Cable lengths of 7,5 metres (25 feet), 15 metres (50 feet) and 30 metres (100 feet) can be ordered with Stainless Steel & ATEX/FM approved X45 (Medium Duty) and X90 (Heavy Duty) static grounding clamps.

Additional features include a stowage pin for stowing static grounding clamps when they are not in use and a locking mechanism to prevent unspooling of the cable from the reel.

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