8-in-1 multi-channel static earthing system for process plant & equipment

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The Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II is a unique multi-channel static earthing system that can monitor the simultaneous earthing of up to eight (8) individual pieces of equipment at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks.

Powder processing operations generate high levels of electrostatic charge and if allowed to accumulate on conductive parts of plant equipment that are electrically isolated from earth, there is a high probability that incendive static spark discharges could ignite locally present potentially combustible or flammable atmospheres.

The Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II is a unique static earthing system which monitors up to 8 potentially isolated conductive components on processing machinery engaged in powder processing operations within zoned or classified areas.

The Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II is designed to form one complete earthing circuit through the isolated parts on the process machinery. The system monitors the circuit ensuring the resistance of connections is 10 ohms or less. If the system detects a rise above 10 ohms in the circuit, LED array situated in the indicator station will pinpoint the location of the potentially isolated part. The interlocking output contacts can interface with PLCs to halt the process or alert personnel to the potential hazard.

Up to 8 monitored connections
Potentially isolated points as part of one complete circuit.

Flexible installation
Fixed and/or temporary connections can be combined in 1 grounding system

8 LED's
Array pinpoints locations that are potentially isolated and at risk of accumulating incendive electrostatic charges.

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