Hose Continuity Tester

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The OhmGuard® "hose continuity tester" hose continuity tester is designed to test hoses used on vacuüm trucks and road tankers prior to the transfer of flammable or combustible products.

The OhmGuard® verifies that the electrical conductivity of the hose is functioning correctly, thereby ensuring static electricity is not permitted to accumulate on the metal components of the hose and eliminating the risk of a fire or explosion caused by the discharge of a static spark.

The OhmGuard® is easy to operate, does not require any specialist driver training and will indicate, within seconds, if the hoses are safe to use. The driver simply connects the OhmGuard’s cable to a junction box situated on the truck and connects the OhmGuard clamp to the last hose coupling as illustrated. The green LED housed in the OhmGuard will pulse continuously if the hose has an electrical continuity of less than 100 ohms with the truck.


athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Proves the hoses have good electrical continuity with the earthing truck
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  One time test with visual GO / NO GO indication
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Enables early detection of faults without the need to wait for scheduled periodic testing
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Easy to operate drivers do not need specialist training
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Intrinsically Safe certification for EX / HAZLOC requirements
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Lower cost than equivalent EX / HAZLOC approved multimeters
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Robust Stainless Steel construction and more robust than multimeters in the field
athex-industrial-suppliers_ex_100x100.gi  Tungsten carbide teeth penetrate any slurries or deposits caked onto the hose end fitting

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